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RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights

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6 hours


Bondi Junction



Course Introduction

Work Safely at heights- RIIWHS204E is designed to train and assess individuals who work at a height across all industry sectors. The content of this course delivers skills to promote safe and secure work, avoiding falls as well as minimising the risks of falling. It covers the regulations, legislation, risk assessment, hazard elimination, equipment selection and use, and fall restraint systems necessary to prevent harm to self and others.

On successful completion of the course, trainees will be able to inspect, use and maintain a variety of heights safety equipment in line with industry best practice and safely conduct work tasks at height.

Participant will have face to face training for working at heights and undertaking similar work roles across all industry sectors. The individuals attending this course are experienced workers, or workers receiving additional training required by their employer to suit company needs.

  • This course requires a level of physical ability to complete practical assessments. If the participant’s health or fitness restricts him or her from performing physical activities associated with this program, they will be able to participate but may not be eligible for a nationally accredited certificate.
  • This course combines plain English, photos, and questioning to ensure all learners are able to have the best possible chance at comprehending the required knowledge and skills. language, literacy and numeracy that are essential to performance. Participants should have language‚ literacy and numeracy skills to an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) level 3-4, who indicate that they may not have the required LLN skills will be invited to complete an LLN test prior to entry to the course. Participants who do not meet the required LLN skills will be referred to an English language service convenient to them.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years to take this course. 
  • Participants must provide one of valid I.D. (eg. Passport, Australian driver’s licence, state government issued proof age card)
  • Participant must wear appropriate PPE (eg. long pants, long sleeve shirt and closed shoes (preferably work boots), hard cap). 
  • access, interpret and apply technical and safety information for working at heights
  • assess hazards and risk associated with working at heights and implement control methods
  • select wear and care for personal protective equipment identify required safety systems including fall protection and associated equipment
  • check that fitting, adjusting and anchoring of fall protection and associated equipment is correct
  • perform work safely at heights
  • correct storage a checking of equipment
  • clean-up site on completion of work

Assessment will confirm knowledge and skills have been achieved to demonstrate competency across the unit. Assessment will be in accordance with the Principles of Assessment and the Rules of Evidence.

Participant are offered multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills throughout the course. If a student is not successful in completing all assessments satisfactorily, they will need to rebook the course at the full course fee.

Volume of learning:

5 hours classroom assessment in form of:

  • written theory questions
  • case study scenarios
  • practical skills demonstration

On successful complete this course, participant will be issued a Statement of Attainment in RIIWHS204D – Work safely at heights. A wallet size competency card will also be issued. Working at Heights Association of Australia (WAHA) and industry recommends participant to refresh the training every 2 years.

All students doing nationally recognised training from January 1, 2015 need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). 

The USI is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers you undertake recognised training with will give you access to your training records and transcripts can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere is free and easy to create and stays with you for life

Where do I go to create my USI Number?

For more details and to create a USI go to the Government USI site